Consular fee payment

Bank details of the Embassy for Consular fee payment (only EURO):

Beneficiary’s Bank  – Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (MUFG Bank)

Branch – Meguro Branch

Account Number – 4540105


Beneficiary – Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Japan

EURO only.

For applicants from Australia and New Zealand we recommend to use services of ANZ — Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

For payments in euros, or if the equivalent does not exceed 100 NZD, please use Phone Banking or contact a branch of ANZ Bank (ANZ Australia, ANZ New Zealand).

Please note that the remitter is obliged to pay all commissions and other payments (both the sending bank and the receiving bank) when making a transfer.

  • For Japan: In a bank form select an item “All local and overseas charges borne by remitter (OUR)” (code 'OUR' in field 71 of Single Customer Payment Transfer).
  • For Australia: in the international transfer form specify the ANZ bank account informatuion in the column “Debit fee amount from ANZ Account (AUD only) — if different”.
  • For New Zealand: in the international transfer form in the column “CHARGES” tick “Overseas Bank charges are for my/our account (OUR). All charges including some Overseas Bank charges are paid by you/debited to your account”, indicating your ANZ bank account details.

Please indicate in the column Bank to Bank Message “Please pay full amount to the beneficiary without deducting any charges”.

The exact amount of the consular fee(s) must be transferred to the account of the Embassy.

It is necessary to indicate “Consular Fee” and the full name of the applicant, as well as the name of the consular action (series of consular actions) for which the payment is made in the message to the bank transfer.

Documents are accepted for consideration only after receipt of payment to the account of the Embassy.

After paying the consular fee, please send a copy of the receipt or report the amount of the fee paid, indicating the contact information of the applicant, to the e-mail address of the Consular Section of the Embassy  — japan.consul@mfa.gov.by.

A consular officer will contact you when the fee arrives at the Embassy account.

All questions regarding the execution of the payment should be resolved by the remitter directly with the Bank sending the payment. In the message to the bank transfer, you must indicate the full surname and first name, as well as the consular procedure (a number of consular procedures) for which the payment is made.

Please note:

The Payment receipt should be submitted to the Embassy along with other documents.

The processing of your documents will start only after the Payment transferred to the Bank account of the Embassy.

The Embassy does not accept other forms of payment (cash, personal cheques etc).

In case of denial or negative decision the consular fee does not reimbursed.

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