Belarusian exporters

The Republic of Belarus is an export-oriented country with well-developed industry, agriculture and service sector.

Its main industries include:

♦ tractors and agricultural machinery (Belarus-made tractors are well regarded throughout the Eurasian region and beyond);
♦ automotive manufacturing (including dump trucks);
♦ electronics and household appliances;
♦ measuring devices;
♦ chemicals;
♦ textiles (one of the Belarusian specialties being flax-made linen);
♦ woodworking;
♦ food production (in particular, dairy goods).

Belarus also exports transportation, construction and other services to the world.

Belarus ranks 49 among 190 countries in World Bank’s Doing Business 2020.

Among main advantages facilitating Belarusian economic development are:

♦ favorable economic and geographical position – Belarus is located in the center of Europe connecting major trade routes from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the North Caucasus to Western Europe;
natural resources, including potash salt and halite, construction materials (granite, chalk and marl, build and glass sands), water, forest and land;
♦ highly qualified labor resources;
♦ developed infrastructure, including transportation system, telecommunications, energy sector and finances;
extensive scientific research programs;
♦ participation in free trade zones (within the CIS and with individual countries, including Georgia, Serbia and Vietnam), as well as in the Eurasian Economic Union of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

You will find extensive, detailed and well-arranged information about Belarusian economy, its exporters, as well as goods and services they provide at the Information Export Support Website EXPORT.BY.

Additionally, this section will publish commercial offers of individual Belarusian companies with particular interest in cooperating with Australian and New Zealand businesses.


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