Submission of the documents

You can submit documents to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Japan:

♦ Personally (appointment is required)

Days of reception of the Consular section of the Embassy: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (except holidays)

The reception and delivery of documents: 10.00 — 12.30

Consulting foreign citizens on consular issues by phone:

in Japanese — Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10.00 to 12.30

in English — on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00 (lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00)

Phone: 03-3448-1623

E-mail: japan.consul@mfa.gov.by

♦ By mail (only for a certain number of procedures,it`s required to previously check with the Consular Service of the Embassy)

While sending the documents to the Embassy by mail, as well as their return receipt from the Embassy, the applicant automatically agrees to the following:

  • Postal services companies carry all possible risks associated with the operation of postal services in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Embassy is not responsible for the operation of postal services and timeliness of delivery and return postage. If you have any questions, you should contact the relevant postal services, because the Embassy is not responsuble for investigating the reasons for the possible loss of documents sent by mail both to the Embassy and from the Embassy back to the applicant.
  • Processing of requests sent by mail begins only after the receipt of a complete set of necessary documents and the receipt of the full amount of the consular fee payment to the bank account of the Embassy. The time taken to forward the correspondence in a timely perform consular actions are not included.
  • Requests that do not meet the requirements (in case of not filling out the questionnaires properly, lack of necessary documents and their copies, photos, etc.) are returned to the applicant without consideration.
  • All documents must be completed in clear, readable letters / numbers.
  • To ensure the return of documents from the Embassy of Belarus in Japan, the applicant must attach a return envelope to the package of documents (for citizens living in Japan) or pay for return shipping by DHL (for citizens living in Australia and New Zealand).

While sending documents by mail in Japan, the Embassy recommends you to attach a letter pack with a self-addressed address, as in this case the Japanese postal service guarantees fast delivery and maximum safety of the contents.

If you apply in person at the Embassy, ​​you can bring a return envelope. In this case, we will mail your passport to the address indicated on the envelope.

In case of using services of DHL company the applicant himself arranges the delivery of the documents from the Embassy after prior agreement with the Embassy. The Waybill number in PDF format must be sent to the email address of the Consular Section of the Embassy, ​​after which the Embassy staff will forward the documents to the postal courier.

The terms and procedure for processing visa documents

The processing time for a visa application is 5 working days from the date of submission of a complete set of documents (up to 2 working days — urgently, but not earlier than 24 hours).

Iinformation on the stage of consideration of the documents and the decision is not granted by the Embassy in advance.

Processing of the visa applications sent by post only begins when we receive a complete set of the required documents and their compliance with the requirements. Time spent on the post delivery is not included in a  visa processing time. Visa documents should be sent by maill in advance before the trip.

Documents that do not meet the requirements (not properly filled out questionnaires, lack of a valid passport, photo, necessary documents and copies, etc.) are returned to the applicant without consideration.

Consular Section reserves the right to invite the applicant for a personal interview and, with appropriate grounds, to demand additional documents.

Based on the results of consideration of documents and information submitted by a foreigner, a consular official has the right to reduce the requested validity period of an entry visa, the period of stay of a foreigner in Belarus and visa multiplicity.

Be sure to check your visa and passport after its return from the Consular Section of the Embassy

The decision to grant or refuse to grant a visa is final and not subject to revision.

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