Humanitarian projects for co-financing

Brest region:

♦ ”Modern material and technical base of health care in Lyakhovichi district“
♦ Children’s summer camp «Dubok» modernization
♦ Revitalization of the museum-estate ”Pruzhanski palatsyk‟
♦ Right to life
♦ The Path of Good
♦ Сomfortable home

Mogilev region:

♦ «I want to be a hockey player!»

State institution of culture «Pukhovichi district Central library» offers 5 projects for financing:

♦ Humanitarian project «Bibliogroup»
♦ Humanitarian project «Mobile Library»
♦ Humanitarian project «Youth Center “Optimus»
♦ Humanitarian project «Library-the territory of comfortable reading»
♦ Humanitarian project «Library Terrace»

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